About my marbles…

Approach and philosophy

My approach to counselling is based on my philosophy on life.  Without getting into too much detail here, I use therapy approaches and theories that are grounded in the following ideas.

  • People are the experts on their own lives
  • My role as a guide or coach will help you to create the life that suits you
  • I won’t impose my idea of how you should live
  • I’ll support you to seek out your own solutions.  Some that you might not have been aware of or even thought possible
  • We’ll work together to find strengths rather than cure problems
  • I celebrate difference!

You’ll notice that this approach is collaborative!  I will always ask you how you think things are going and the number of sessions you have is entirely up to you.  Some find one session is enough to find some clarity, some might feel they need many more.  I will tailor support to meet your needs.

When working with children, I use therapeutic play techniques to create a safe and comfortable space for the child to express themselves freely, together with more directive work to teach specific skills.  Again, this is tailored to the child and their family’s needs.

Training and experience

I originally trained as an early childhood educator in England, and have been working with adults and children in education and mental health contexts for over 20 years. In the UK, I was proud to be a part of Staffordshire County Council’s Autism Outreach Team where I learned from some of the most experienced educators in the field at the time.  I have a degree in Psychology and Anthropology, a post-graduate diploma in Education (Counselling and Guidance) and my latest professional development (in progress) is a Master of Counselling Studies with Massey University.

Where and when

I am generally available most weekdays. Limited evening and weekend appointments may be available. I will endeavor to find a time that fits in with your life.

Clients can be seen either at offices or school (with the school’s approval) according to which is more convenient and appropriate to their needs.  Transport charges may apply.